Thought I should update this, and then remembered I hate writing bios. So most of it is the same.

I’m really bad at writing about myself – it reminds me too much of job applications – but I’ll give it a go here. Short and mostly sweet, I promise.

I’m Emma, theatre graduate, Mancunian born and bred, singer/songwriter, coffee-maker, writer of stories, collector of odd socks and copies of Treasure Island, laughs a lot, bibliophile of the highest order, likes to be. Loves people, music, books, cleverness, rebellion, bright colours and adventure. Wants to be a pirate. In constant amazement and bemusement at being alive.

Writing is my thing at the moment – because everyone has a thing – so if you like what you’re reading on here, I have written a book, it got turned into a play, I was dead chuffed.

Get in touch if you like what you see!

Em x

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