This post is about my legs.

To steal the FB status of a good friend: “Happy International Women’s Day. Yes we do need one. Yes there is actually, it’s November 19th.”

This post maybe has something to do with IWD, maybe not. It’s carrying on the theme of my last post – Body Positivity: Or, How I Learned To Stop Weighing Myself and Attempt Self-Love.

This post is about my legs.

I love my legs. They are two of my favourite features on my body. They are muscly and look toned as fuck, which is cool because none of the rest of my body is. I used to do a lot of swimming, and I walk nearly everywhere, and so yeah. Leg muscles. Hell yes.

I used to be really self conscious about not having slim legs. I wanted dancers legs, I was cautious about wearing skinny jeans, was unsure about going swimming because I was stocky, not sleek.

My legs were the first things on my body I learned to love. I wear chunky heeled boots with skinny jeans or tights and I run my hand down my leg and feel the hard curve of calf muscles and I love them. My legs aren’t slim – they never will be – but they are powerful. I am solid when I stand. My strong legs root me and I love them for it. I live in short skirts mainly because I love my legs.

Summer will be a different story. I love my legs when they are covered up because they can be hairy. Hairy legs are great. They make me feel comfortable and safe. But I will make efforts to keep them hairless in summer because I haven’t reached that level of self-confidence and I want to wear shorts. One step at a time.

I’m going to a spa tomorrow with my mum and my little sis, and so today I shaved the lower halves of my legs. Jesus christ. What an effort. I might love my muscly legs but there is a LOT of surface area to cover. If I had the money I would probably go and have them waxed or something but when it’s just me with my foot up on the sink with Morrison’s Own Brand shaving foam and a Bic razor… I’m ready for a lie down. And I hate the little bumps you get after shaving. And I wish I didn’t have to do it (have to for me, not because there are rules or anything), but my hair is dark and it looks like I am wearing odd footless tights if I don’t take the time to shave them. Depending on how knackered I am after work tonight I will embark on the Shaving of the Thighs. Probably with a beer.

But then they will be Smooth and Sleek and feel amazing… for a few days. But I can go to this spa day tomorrow and not feel entirely self-conscious. And if I get looks in the summer for having my legs out, then I will say I don’t care because I have fucking great legs. I love my legs. And I’m determined to get there with the rest of me as well.

That’s about it, to be honest. I’m waiting for the moisturiser on my legs to sink in so I wrote this.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Geraghty out. x.


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