The Island//SLH

Today we head for the island. It seems almost impossible that I am able to write those six words so soon after beginning our journey, but today is the day.

We managed to secure passage on a small tugboat. The owner has agreed to take us as long as we don’t tell him why we’re going. The less he knows, the safer he will be. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure myself. But the entire purpose of coming up to the North was to retrace Sir John’s footsteps. Go where he went. Find what he found. Work out why he went missing.

It’s a great relief to not be doing this alone. My good friend Abetha – Abbie, she hates her full name – has joined me. We’ve given up our jobs on the SLH to go on this journey, which seems ridiculous, but the captain assured me he’d take us back. I imagine a pair like us are hard to find.


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