Snobbing It.

And now, to Scotland! Some more writings I did whilst travelling through Scotland with my adventure companion Abbie Jones. Enjoy!

What is the opposite of slumming it?

We lived as the other half last night, pretending to have the money to wine and dine with the elite, keeping secrets, sitting at a candlelit dinner table straight backed, heads heigh, smiling quietly and laughing demurely, making small talk with waiters dressed in black, gliding from table to table ready to serve. He gave us a free drink for the delay in getting a table, and we laughed and thanked him and said it was no problem, knowing we wouldn’t have been able to afford another drink ourselves. We dined on soup of the day and a salmon risotto, making the most of the free bread and water. We were the last ones out of the restaurant.

Later on we sat in one of our rooms, meticulously calculating money, deciding to spend the next three nights living on cuppa soups and picnic snacks. Planning how to save the most money before continuing the journey. Scrimping and scraping for snack food to last, realising we are able to live on very little on a day to day basis. Saves on drink as well. Don’t eat for a day, have one pint, and you’re done.

There must be an opposite to slumming it. That’s what we’re doing. Snobbing it? Probably. It’s probably not a thing. Slumming it is the old Victorian thing, rich people in their insensitivities. Poor people, working people, didn’t do that, didn’t have time for that, had more dignity than that, were more morally switched-on, had more sense, had perceived how the other half lived and thought, I’ll never have that, I’ll never be rich, but as long as I have my health, as long as my family are together, as long as my children are fed. Treating money as a luxury. Riches as unnecessary. Living life on a daily basis.


One thought on “Snobbing It.

  1. Living life on a daily basis!
    Living life by faith!
    What’s the difference? They are both very exciting and in my book “the best way to live.”

    I love reading your work Em………….it reminds me of the time I went around South America on a shoestring for 4 months. Alone! That was the best time of my life. SO, so glad I did it.
    I remember how, quite often, out of the blue someone would take me in, feed me and encourage me, not wanting anything in return. I wish I was in Scotland, maybe I could be that someone, maybe I would encourage you. But here I am in Australia, no longer struggling to make ends meet. Can you let me send you some ‘happy money’ It would warm my heart.
    Love & Blessings
    PS. Why Artywolfe?
    PPS. All I need is your Bank Details.


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