Cracking is finished. Not ultimately finished and that’s it, done, now and forever finished. No. The show in it’s first instance is done and it was so much fun. The book has been printed. There’s even an eBook.

Five years work.

I’ve been working on this thing for five whole years, and considering I’ve only been alive for twenty-four years, that’s a big chunk of time. Not to say that I’ve been working incessantly on it day in day out for five years – not that. But five years. And I’m proud, I’m damn proud of what I’ve written, damn proud of the show, damn proud of my cast and crew and director because they were fucking perfect. I’m happy with it. The feedback I got after the show was brilliant, and everyone was asking: what are you doing next? What’s the next project?


What is it?


You see, the thing is…. The thing is… I don’t know. I don’t know what’s next, at all. Not in my writing, not in my work, not in my house, not in my head, I have no idea what comes next. But that’s okay. And I’ve only just come to terms with that being an okay thing, a good thing, even. It’s a good thing. Things can change, and what better time of year to do it than in January, the month of the cliched New Me?

The post-show blues hit me hard. And for a while I sank under the weight of coming back down to reality, of having to leave behind the Neverland theatre and go back to normal day-to-day. It was difficult. It is difficult. Serving coffee to the general public for minimum wage is not where I want to be, and for a few days I was thrown into a bit of a breakdown. But I’d scheduled for that. Life crisis week, once a month. And now it’s picking up again.







Which is great.

I don’t know why you’d be reading this – to be honest, this is just to kick-start me into writing more on here. But if you’re at the end of this post, thanks for sticking with me. More to follow.

Much more.

Em x




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