Once more unto the song, dear friends…

A little late with this one, I know, but things have been so hectic recently that now is the first chance I’ve had to write about Monday. And now I’m killing time in Central again before rehearsals for the keen Guerrillas, but Monday night was the last full choir rehearsal before the dress.

Did you hear that? The last rehearsal before the dress rehearsal. The penultimate meeting of pitch perfect primates. (The Guerrillas, obviously). Whoah. Where did all our time go?

Monday was fun, as all our rehearsals are, and seemed to go too fast, as all our rehearsals do. Once again, we split into the choir and the performers, various storytellers around the museum. I’m looking forward to being able to see some of them – the other choirs as well. I like that there is a certain amount of secrecy around the project, both for the potential audience members and the participants. Because even though we know the structure of the event, and who is involved, and what people will be doing, we don’t know the details. It works on a need-to-know basis, and I guess we don’t need to. I’m not being offended about it. I don’t want to know. It means that we get to keep some element of surprise for ourselves.

So we know that there are other choirs singing, but we don’t know what they’re singing. And we know there are text performers, but we don’t know what words they’re saying. It’s a musical cloak-and-dagger operation, if I have the meaning right.

Just looking at the schedule sets my head spinning slightly. It’s a good job we will have a team of dedicated volunteers to shepherd all of us around the place, or there would just be lots of people running around like singing headless chickens. It’s a strange image. Anyway, the entire operation is huge. It’s big just within the Guerrillas, never mind adding several other choirs and a few performers and ushers and people with walkie-talkies. Oh, and the audience.

We ran through the songs again and organised some stealth choreography. I’m not going to explain it, it would ruin the surprise. The song where we’re floating through space in the music video, Rocks and Stones, proved rather difficult to nail. Six of us are providing a three-part repetition harmony, which consists of us singing ‘rocks and stones’ over and over again. Works a lot better with the other singing on top of it. Anyway, I was surprised how difficult it actually is to sing on one note for a long period of time. Pity me, general public. I have to sing on one note. Woe is me.

We recorded Manchester Made! You can listen to it by clicking these words – WE’RE GONNA BE FAMOUS!

Ha. I’m so happy with how cool it sounds, and that was just in a lecture room.

Anyways, I’m going to toddle off into the night. Battle through the commuters to the museum. It’s like a video game out there. Have a great evening!

P.S COME AND SEE US! This weekend!


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